sábado, 2 de enero de 2010


Hey every body, sabeequesii here, to make things easier, me and the staff decided to put all the crew into a studio, it's called "Decoy Studios". (This just make all simple, so my own studio and other member's studio is free of Awake).

Here is the Staff (I need more people, so you could be in too)

Sabeesquesii - Creator; Editor
xEpione - Editor
XxNadeshiko - Editor
SailorNeoMoon - co-editor
IceThehHedgehog - Script 


Sailor Moon - ?
Sailor ChibiMoon - ?
Chaos - Ivimoon00
Sailor Mercury - ?
Sailor Mars - ?
Sailor Jupiter - ?
Sailor Venus - ?
Sailor Pluto - Shiori0101
Sailor Uranus - FridaLucrecia
Sailor Neptune - Lili
Sailor Saturn - Lunatikasickopata
Tuxedo Mask - LaloKou91
Galaxia - ?
Luna - ?
Artemis - ?
Diana - ?
Another Voices (random girls o boys) - ?

The series is going to be in spanish, but if i don't find more VA's, i will post english auditions, i wanna start doing Awake as soon as posible. ^^

Thank you!


domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

Sailor Moon Awake; Presentation

Promotional Poster:
Well, finally, webs.com won me! From now, this is the official website for this brand new fan made series Sailor Moon Awake, it's all about taking original footage of Sailor Moon and editing them with photoshop, sony vegas, adobe premier and all that programs. 

About Awake:

Plot: Chaos is not defeated. Galaxia knows that it will strike, and awaken once more. She attempts to warn Luna about this through her dreams by showing her images of the future. Luna heeds these warnings, and informs Usagi of her dreams. However, she keeps the information between herself and Usagi. She doesnt want to risk ruining the other senshis happiness. 
This time, Chaos plans to transform Earth into a dark planet covered with shadows, without love or light. To make this possible, Chaos will conjure The Great Eclipse. With the end of the Eclipse, comes destruction and despair. 
Sailor Moon must destroy Chaos before its plans are fulfilled. She must search in body, mind, and soul to reach Chaos Palace. Time is running out, for if the Eclipse ends before her search, it will be too late. 
Sailor Moon has to find Chaos before it finds her. If she fails, Chaos will posses her body, and steal her powers. 

Well this is guys, i made changes to the plot. Like that it will be more original. 

Hope you like the project, a new trailer is coming soon, and a lot of previews. Don't forget that we need staff so i want you! Come here later for seeing more important updates.
See you, love you all.

             フリャン Studios

This project has no profit purposes, we don't claim copyright on Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon is copyright 1992 - 2009 of Naoko Takeuchi & Toei Animation.